Beta Readers

Hello and thank you for being here.

Below is a sign-up form to apply to be a beta-reader for my upcoming novel. Signing up means that you agree to read the manuscript in full and give me honest and specific feedback (even if brutal). You also agree to keep details of this book confidential until its official release.

Anticipated Beta-Reader Window: The month of February.

Length of Manuscript: Currently 70,000 words (the equivalent of a 280-page novel).

Form of feedback: I will provide a list of questions to prompt specific feedback. You may simply answer those, or provide feedback by way of a voice recording, general notes or a marked up version of the manuscript. Whatever works for YOU.

IMPORTANT 1: Depending on the number of registrations I receive, I may not be able to involve everyone who signs up here. (I couldn’t process the feedback of hundreds of people!)

IMPORTANT 2: If for any reason, you can’t manage to read the full manuscript in the desired time-frame (life can easily get in the way!), no problem, just let me know. You can either have more time, give me the feedback you have so far or pull out completely. No hard feelings. Promise!

IMPORTANT 3: I do not keep a mailing list or issue newsletters. Providing your email address here is only for the purposes of beta-reading this book. Your details will not be shared with anyone else.

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Will you be able to read a 70,000 word manuscript within a month?
Do you promise to give your honest feedback without fear of hurting my feelings?
I promise to keep the contents of the manuscript confidential: