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  1. The garden series is a highly recommendable series for children to help give them a bit of advice on how to deal with the everyday tasks and problems you come across in society. My children LOVED the series, especially how they blend into one another in that you can find each character again in the other books. My children turned into helpful worms and hugging ladybugs and also gained confidence as busy spiders. I will definitely pass them on to others to help their kids express themselves and have some tools up their sleeves to face what’s out there for all of us at some time or another- and the added bonus is that it’s expressed in their words in a world they can relate to. Super series and great as a gift to anyone.

  2. My five year old twins loved the insects and found the relationships between the creatures lovely and funny. This series is both entertaining and educational and inspires problem-solving skills, respect for each child‘s individuality and personal challenges as well as telling great stories. Setting the stories in nature and told from the perspective of insects and everyday creatures also brings a respect and curiosity for nature. The Garden Series is highly recommended from a happy parent and reader.

  3. These books are so sweet and have such wonderful messages at their heart. A pleasure to read aloud to my kids and a wonderful way to share more complex emotional messages with them, via these gorgeous garden insects! Lovely bright illustrations too. Really recommended!

  4. The subtlety of the topics covered such as anxiety, adhd and being helpful that can be easily understood by children.
    I highly believe that these offer a great way to be able to have kids identify some of the things they are experiencing through these cute little garden creatures.
    It’s great how the characters criss cross throughout the series. Highly recommend.

  5. The Garden Series is a beautifully written and illustrated children’s series that not only provides a social and emotional teaching opportunity but also allows children to possibly see themselves represented in the characters. A truly lovely series. I look forward to sharing these books with friends and colleagues.

  6. The Garden Series is a wonderfully illustrated and well written series – that its ok to be different, socially and emotionally, as illustrated in the garden characters.
    This is a series that is written to help young ones understand differences in others and to be accepted

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