Welcome to the book launch page for THE BUTTERFLY WHO COULDN’T FLY. Butterfly is nearly ready to make his grand entrance to the literary scene and I am looking for people to commit to helping me make that entrance the best it can be. This is what you would need to do:

Step 1. Download the free eBook on the date specified by email.

Step 2. Read the book.

Step 3. Share an honest review on Amazon on launch day – 27 July 2023.

Step 4. (Optional) Share the flyer (provided in advance) on social media to give my book launch an extra boost.

That’s it. Easy peasy.

Ready to join in?

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This contact list will ONLY be used for this book launch. I do not have a mailing list, nor do I issue newsletters. This is one-off collection of contact details for book launch purposes only. Rest assured that this list will not be shared with anyone else.

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I plan to write many more books. Would you like to be part of future book launches?